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M&F Gauge has been the best precision machine shop in Fort Worth TX, Austin TX & beyond since 1963. Our company manufactures mud pressure gauges and digital pressure gauges in standard, flanged, and nutted designs. Some of our other services include:
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New Digital Gauges

M&F Gauge's digital pressure gauges are designed for extremely rugged oil and gas rig environments. Customers can expect the highest reliability in performance from a company that prides itself in using the best quality US manufactured components for over 50+ years.

The mud pressure gauges and digital pressure gauges are environmentally sealed and available in either roughed die cast brass or aluminum either of which will withstand the harshest environments and is available in various mounting types. The large 1" character display with accompanying bar graph provides maximum viewing distances with industry leading measurement accuracy. There is no need for external power due to the internal lithium batteries that will typically provide at least 1 year of service.